Plus 15 bridge in downtown calgary

Navigate through the Calgary Plus 15 with ease.

We created back in 2012, and it's helped 400,000+ Calgarians navigate the downtown core since. Fast forward to 2021, and we just released the all new and improved +15 app for iOS.

Up to date map data

+15 pulls mapping data directly from the City of Calgary—No more out of date maps and information.

map view on the +15 iphone app

Access hours at a glance

We've color coded the pathways to show which are open, and which are closed. Looking for more detail? Tap on a pathway, and you can view the access hours.

+15 app showing green pathways

Dark mode for the night owls

Can you even launch an app in 2021 without dark mode support? +15 will automatically switch between light and dark mode depending on your iOS settings.

+15 app showing dark mode option

Different maps to match your style

Some prefer the simple map view, others like to see it from the eye in the sky. Easily switch views depending on your preference.

+15 app with options on sheet ivisble

Download +15 for free

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